Why Pick Us?

Why Pick Us?


HI Everyone! I’m Leen, Customer Service Manager for SlimCase.co. One question that Customers tend to ask is, ‘Why should I pick you?’, ‘What makes you better compared to the other brands out there?’. That’s a great question indeed! But a flower does not compete, it just blooms. We are very sure there are a lot of successful brands out there, but we believe our brand and products are amazing too! Let me share a bit about ourselves. 

Our whole concept revolves around being Less is More. It’s a trend nowadays in being minimalistic by having less, we get to focus more on what really matters. Our Founder, Andy is constantly brainstorming for the right solutions and ideas in protecting what we call an essential need these days – the Smartphone! Ideally, we all want our phone case to be light, slim, protective and long lasting by not turning yellow over time. With the help from our experts, they found Armour Plastic which is an improved variant of PP Plastic (Hard plastic). It Is hard enough to be durable yet soft enough to be shock absorbent. It is also clear, simple, light and does not turn yellow. If you are into minimalism, this phone case is made for you! Trends are constantly changing and our goal is to offer you a phone case that is classic and will never go out of style! Our goal is to be the only phone case you will ever need!

If you think the process of buying ends when you made the transaction and received your case, YOU ARE WRONG. 

We at Slimcase.co are a group of proactive people who puts customer satisfaction as our utmost priority. We offer a one-time replacement over a 2-year warranty period and we are constantly reaching out to our customers after sale to get feedback on our products so that we may improve them in the future. We always believe in a happy ending for our customers. If you have any enquiries regarding our products, our team is always standing by 24/7 to support and assist you. Ask for Leen and I’ll be there! 😊. 

All that being said, I hope that I’ve managed to show you how dedicated we are in ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction. So, I hope you pick us! Thank you. 

Tee Leen Qian - Customer Service Manager.

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