As a newcomer in the phone case business, we are going the extra mile to make your buying experience memorable with us. Hello everyone! I’m Leen from Customer Service Team. It’s a competitive world out there, every team member has to do everything right to keep our brand growing. Kudos to the team! Today I would like to talk about how we move forward with our main goal to keep our customers satisfied and happy. :) 

Stand Behind Our Product

We take pride in our products, we believe it will improve your phone life quality. Customers from all countries have all sorts of different and tough questions, but our team practices transparency, we are willing to clear all the doubts that you have on your mind. We believe a good product must be supported by highest quality customer service to go a long way. 

You Have Our Word

We let our customers know upfront, we are here to be of service to them. Our team works really hard to deliver the orders on time, answer all the questions that are bothering them, and help process a refund if our case is not up to their expectation. When we promise we will come back to you, we will come back. We are glad that we can be of help in any way. 

We serve One on One

We don’t believe in Automated Reply to emails or messages. We have one representative for one country to entertain all our beloved customers. We strongly believe human touch is the key to make a difference because every customer's needs are unique and different.We work really hard to attend to everyone's requests as quickly as possible. Sometimes due to busy traffic, we might have to juggle between customers, but we guarantee each of you deserves a service from someone who cares. 

Get to know Your Guardian Angel 

Let’s introduce our team so you know who you are talking to. :) 

Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines - Leen ( Me!) 

Thailand - Tiya 

Indonesia - Nesha

Vietnam - Lai

Soon to be in the list.. Australia and India. 

No one said customer service was easy, but we are happy doing it. It requires care and attention, but pleasing our customers is something we can’t put a price on. Our relationship doesn’t end with a purchase, we appreciate you for being part of our brand. Feel free to reach out to us through email( or any social media messengers available. 

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