• What is Armour Plastic?

Armour Plastic is an improved material based on polypropylene with perfect hardness. Hard enough to be durable but soft enough to absorb shock. Unlike TPU (rubber-like plastic), Armour Plastic won't yellow over time.

  • How thin are the cases?

Slim™ Cases are 0.015" (0.38mm) thin, which is thinner than a play card. This gives you a basic feel for the phone.

  • Does it protect the phone screen?

No. That's the trade-off for the aesthetic design of the case. We highly recommend a quality screen protector like our Slim™ Protector for full protection.

  • Does it protect the phone's camera?

Yes. All our cases have a subtle lip that extends beyond the camera to ensure it is protected when you set your device down.

  • How are orders shipped?

COVID-19 response: to encourage customers to shop from home, we now offer FREE express shipping for all orders.

-  S$3.99 FREE | 2–5 business days, with tracking

- RM11.90 FREE | 1-3 (West) or 2-5 (East) business days, with tracking

- ₱195 FREE | 2–5 business days, with tracking

Due to COVID-19, there might be a 1-2 day delay for some orders. Orders dispatch within 24 hours after being placed.

  • Does it support MagSafe?

Yes, the case is so thin that you can use wireless charging. If you have Magsafe gadgets, you should choose our Slimcase Unique Magsafe cases for better magnetic attraction.

  • How long is the warranty?

In 2 years, if anything happens to your product, we'll send you a free replacement.

One replacement per item ordered.