Buy 2 get 15% off with code BUY2

Buy 2 get 15% off with code BUY2

Buy 2 get 15% off with code BUY2

About us


Because we disliked other cases.

There are thousands of phone cases out there and we don’t know what phone case to choose.

We think about what people need in a phone case: slim, light, protective, and not turn yellow over time. And we could not find a case that satisfies us.

We spend months to find a solution. Finally, with help from experts, we discover Armour Plastic. It’s an improved variant of PP plastic (hard plastic), it has the perfect hardness to withstand drops and absorb shock at the same time.

We made it into Slim™ Case, a phone case that satisfies most of the people, including you.

We like to think of Slim™ Case as the only phone case that you will ever need.


Our belief: Less = More

Doing less of what we don't enjoy, saying no more often, and limiting what we spend money on leaves us with more for the few things that really matter.

This personal belief pours over into how we think about our products, design and processes.

Slim™ Case is a reflection of these beliefs, the one phone case, you will ever need.


On behave of Team,

Andy, founder.



Singapore: Changi Districentre, 5 Changi South Lane, 486045.

MalaysiaNo. 8 Shah Alam Premier Industrial Park, 40400 Selangor.

United States: 2650 Manana Dr Dallas, Texas, 75220.