Slimcase for Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Color: Classic - Transparent

Top #1 Ultra-thin protective case

Design for your comfort

Top #1 Ultra-thin Protective Phone Case

Designed for your comfort

Slim & Sleek

Precise cutting

Prevent bumps & drops

Wireless charging support


Slim & Sleek

Precise Design

Impact resistance

Wireless Charging Support


Armour Max Technology

Exclusive Polycarbonate Plastic Formula. Tough. Transparent. And more comfortable than ever!

Anti-yellowing UV technology

We exclusively researched the Armour Max material. It's transparent, sturdy, and always new.

New case

After 6 months


Avoid dust and excess oil

Supreme comfort and always looking new

Mới sử dụng

After 6 months


Invisible feeling

Slimcase Classic, with its 0.38mm thickness, provides the comfort of not wearing a case.

Comfortable grip

The rough back surface and anti-slip bars help prevent fingerprints and slipping caused by sweat and body oil.

Daily impact resistance

Protects your phone safely at a maximum height of 1.2m

Trendy minimalist design

Slimcase shows off the classy beauty of your phone

Camera protection

Can be paired with camera lenses

Daily drop protection with Armour technology

Protect your phone securely at a height of up to 1.2m


Producing Slimcase cases accounts for 1/3 plastic of regular cases.