Hello everyone! I’m Leen from SlimCase Customer Service Team. I’ve received a complaint from a customer who recently told me his phone case cracked when he put on his case. I think I would like to lay out the methods on how to install the case to your phone without damaging your case. 

I’ve mentioned in my previous post on why it is important to have a case protecting your phone. It may seem pretty straight forward how to put on a case but if your case is super form fitting, the correct installation technique is required to prevent such tragedies. 

  • Slip the phone into the top left edge of the case
  • Grab the case with your left hand, and your phone on the upright position, screen to the front. Carefully slide the top left corner of the phone to the case. Don’t worry if it doesn’t align properly just yet, it will snap into it later. 

  • Slide in the top right corner, followed by the bottom right corner
  • With the top left corner held in the same position, slide in the right top corner gently. Once both top parts of the phone are in the case, apply some pressure to snap the bottom right part of the phone into the case. 

  • Snap in the left bottom to the case
  • Most of the time it should be easy to snap the left bottom into the case. But if you find it a little tight, you can use some aid, such as cards to assist you slide the phone into the final edge. Your phone is the feet, and the card is like a shoe horn.

  • Final check
  • Check all the camera holes and buttons are aligned to the case holes. It’s done. 

    P/S: Be careful while installing, don’t put too much pressure, slowly and gently go a long way!

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