Last 2 weeks I introduced you to tempered glass and the benefit of having it. This week, let’s talk about how to install your tempered glass to your phone screen. First of all, Good choice! Tempered glass is definitely worth every penny you spend. Here’s your step by step guide on how to install your tempered glass. 

  • Prepare
  • This is the time to focus and get it right on the first attempt. Make sure to turn off your phone, get your alcohol wipe and microfibre cloth ready. 

  • Clean your screen
  • Thoroughly clean your phone screen before applying it, you wouldn’t want your yesterday cookie crumbs, dirt or oil  to be captured on your new tempered glass. Use your microfibre cloth to give it a last polish before wearing new clothes. 

  • Remove the protective layer
  • All of the tempered glass comes with protective plastic firm, make sure you remove to expose the adhesive side of it. Hold it on the edge, you wouldn’t want your fingerprint to be printed on the new surface. The adhesive side will be facing down to the phone screen. 

  • Alignment
  • Make sure to align the glass to your phone screen, edge to edge. The glass should line up evenly around the speaker and the home button, it should fit the screen to a tee!

  • Press it on
  • Once the alignment part is complete, gently lay it down to the screen. If you make any mistake at this point, gently lift it up and realign it again. Give it a soft press and allow the adhesive surface to lay on the screen naturally. 

  • Final Touch
  • If there’s any bubbles remaining, use the cloth and gently smoothen them towards the edge to get rid of the bubbles. Now, your tempered glass is fully installed! 

    Instructions are also included in our SlimCase tempered glass. Enjoy! :)

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