Hi Everyone! It’s Leen again. :) This week let’s focus on MINIMALIST. The whole concept of ‘Less is More’ is not only for aesthetics. It is not a trend, It is a lifestyle. A lifestyle to enhance your day to day experience, from reducing the amount of decisions you make daily to keep your life organized. 

  1. Aren’t you tired of making decisions? 

Little do we know those little decisions that we make on a daily basis are draining our energy. There’s only so much your brain can take in a day, the more it is being forced to work, the worse the decision making process will be. For example, smart people nowadays keep their wardrobe simple. Imagine waking up everyday don’t having to think about what to wear is such bliss. The decision has already been made by your minimalist wardrobe. 

  • Don’t you want to spend less
  • We all have things that we buy but not use. Imagine most of your monthly salary being spent on these little unused things, laying around collecting dust. If we can change the habit of only getting what we need, not what we want, how much money will we be able to save? 

  • Why not keep things you are really passionate about? 
  • For all that money that you save from buying all that junk, why not invest in something you are really passionate about? Like as big as furniture that you admire, as small as the kitchen utensils that are unique. Stop buying in bulk, appreciate the sleek and elegant personal item.

    In short, being a minimalist will improve your quality of life because by having less things, only keep what is important to you. Your life will be changed forever!

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